State of San Andreas


San Andreas Highway Patrol

The SAHP is responsible for highway patrolling, for serving the small communities that don't have direct police protection, and backing up sheriffs when needed. SAHP also protects the Governor, airports, and has a statewide SWAT team ready at all times. Troopers are also in charge of state environmental law enforcement.  Working as a trooper could mean back up is one minute away, or ten. Sometimes you'll have to fly down open or congested highway. Highway patrol is responsible for the village of Chumash.

Uniform: Black tucked-in shirt, black tactical pants, black bullet-proof vest, black boots, and black cowboy hat.

Ports and Aviation Unit

 This is a state police service tasked with giving air support in pursuits and man hunts, hospital airlifts, rescues, and state maritime patrolling, other than CG territory.We are Currently not accepting new Officers at this time. This is also open to all law enforcement members.

Emergency Services Unit

The HP also has a ESU (Emergency Services Unit) branch which has specialty teams such as Dive/Recovery Teams, Bomb Squad, SWAT, and Ports and Aviation. The Major Crimes Division is also an option( being a detective), you work on state wide crimes and also on any crime a department asks you to look into. These teams are open to ALL law enforcement members.


Major Crimes Unit 

Detectives respond to all crimes in San Andreas and are responsible for the investigation or transferring the case to the FIB. A lot of undercover work accompanied by a lot of paperwork, but you get to catch bad guys after the crime and get to prevent others.